ACC partners with Aer Compliance, a leading provider of RIA compliance technology solutions. 

Through this partnership, we provide our clients with a tech-forward compliance approach that works for everyone – from CCOs to GCs.

Aer offers two technology solutions – an intuitive, automated employee code of ethics suite, and a new AI-powered SEC marketing review tool that performs initial reviews. Both solutions are designed to reduce human error, streamline compliance processes and save your firm time and money.  

eMPLOYEE Code of Ethics 

Aer’s technology does the manual work by automating your daily code of ethics compliance tasks. It has the ability to track thousands of accounts – including neobrokerages, international accounts and crypto exchanges and wallets – via an easy user interface. The platform provides:

Best-in-class analytics
Get data-driven AML, undeclared wallet and insider trading insights for better risk management.
Unique account coverage
Track personal account activities across thousands of exchange, brokerage and wallet feeds via an assets manager that is updated daily.
Additional functionalities
Enable employees to report gifts, such as airdrops, charitable donations and outside business activities, in one convenient location.

Marketing Review 

Performing marketing reviews can put a strain on your firm’s team, time and budget. Aer’s marketing review technology acts as an extra member of your compliance team by doing the initial review for you. Here are just a few ways it can help:

Automate Reviews
Our AI technology automatically reviews your firm's marketing content for unsubstantiated statements of material facts, gross vs. net performance, improper disclosures and more -- leading to faster approval.
Increase Efficiency
Our technology streamlines the review process, unlocks more time for your compliance team and saves you money on legal reviews.
A Single Source of Truth
With an intuitive books and records workflow, our technology provides a single source of truth for your marketing review. So you will be ready for your next exam.

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